State Electricity Regulators Assistance

Washington, DC

Recipient: District of Columbia Government

Funding Agency: Department of Energy

Grant Amount: $765,085

Local Amount: $765,085

Grant Description: The objective of the ARRA Grant projects is to: (1) Increase the capacity of the District of Columbia Public Service Commission (Commission) to manage an anticipated significant increase in regulatory activity resulting from the following electricity related topical areas stimulated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA): Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Smart Grid and Dynamic Pricing, Demand Response, Transmission, and Distribution. (2) Create capacity on staff to engage in modernization of the District's electrical system in the long-term and allow for regulatory support in the transformation of the electric grid, in coordination with other agencies in the District of Columbia and the other States in the PJM region. (3) Facilitate timely consideration by the Commission of ARRA-related dockets, pertaining to the electricity-related topical areas listed above. (4) Create five (5) new positions; 3 full-time and 2 half-time - for limited term of service electricity specialists for a period of three years. (5) Train the 5 new employees and other Commission staff in key emerging areas that will give regulators the information needed for effective regulatory decision-making and streamline regulatory approval in modernizing and ensuring a reliable and affordable electric system. C. Tasks to be Performed The Following tasks will be performed under the ARRA Grant projects: (1) Project Management Plan: The Commission will prepare a Project Management Plan that details the work elements required to manage and report on grant activities in accordance with ARRA and grant requirements. This Plan will document the Commission's three-year plan and project budget for carrying out all Tasks and completing all Deliverables described in this Project Narrative. (2) Workforce Development Plan: The Commission will prepare and implement a Workforce Development Plan that results in expanded expertise and capability among PSC staff in the listed electricity-related topical areas. This Plan will address recruitment, hiring, and retention of the three (3) new positions funded by the grant, training of those new employees and existing staff in topics germane to the listed topical areas, and transition of those federal grant-funded employees to stable state-funded positions at the conclusion of the grant performance period (to the greatest extent possible). (3) Case Work and ARRA Case Monitoring Reports: The Commission will assign the new electricity specialists funded by this grant to work exclusively on dockets and other regulatory actions pertaining to the listed topical areas. It is not possible in advance to specify in detail what tasks will be necessary. The PSC shall prepare quarterly Case Monitoring Reports that summarize the status of all dockets and other regulatory actions to which these grant-funded employees are assigned. The following are deliverables under the ARRA Grant projects:(1) Project Management Plan; (2) Workforce Development Plan; and (3) ARRA Case monitoring Reports.

Project Description: Project # 1 Advertising 3 ARRA-Funded Positions - The District of Columbia Public Service Commission (Commission) advertised three (3) ARRA-funded positions in the March 14, 2010 edition of the Washington Post. The advertisement will run online for 30 days. The total amount spent is $3,090. Project # 2 - Preparing Office Space for New ARRA Employees - This project is being undertaken to prepare for the hiring of five (5) new employees who will work directly on electricity matters supported by the ARRA grant. The project involves removing 3 half walls to create office space for the new ARRA employees that the Commission is currently recruiting. The removal of the half walls will be followed by the installation of 3 cubicles and attached furniture. The total amount obligated is $10,095. Project #3 - Training for Existing Employees - Three training activities have been conducted under this project: (i) Grants Management Workshop - The Executive Director (Principal Investigator) attended a Federal Grants Management Workshop sponsored by the Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments on December 14-15, 2009. The total amount spent was $595; (ii) Project Management - Beyond Compliance with ARRA Requirements - The two (2) Deputy Executive Directors participated in this webinar. The total amount spent was $$390.00; (iii) Grid School - Three existing staff members attended the Smart Grid School held in Richmond, Virginia from March 8-12, 2010 that was sponsored by the Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University. Two Senior Attorney Advisors and a Program Analyst in the Office of Technical and Regulatory Analysis attended the 5-day course. The goal of the course was to improve the regulatory capacity for grid-related policy development and decision-making. The funds for the project covered the registration fees, transportation costs, lodging, and per diem for the five days. The total amount spent was $5,355.42.

Job Creation: N/A