TomTom's Real-Time EV Charging Service to Combat Range Anxiety

FRANKFURT, Germany -- TomTom announced an innovative new service for drivers of electric vehicles. It’s called the TomTom EV Service, and it has been developed to help EV drivers to make informed decisions about when and where to charge their vehicles, reducing range anxiety.

The TomTom EV Service provides real-time availability for charging points, as well as other essential information such as opening hours, payment methods, plug types and more. The real-time availability information is sourced from market leaders in EV charging locations, and then intelligently fused with the TomTom Map. Because EV charge point availability changes throughout a journey, the information is updated continuously.

"One of the major barriers to driver adoption of electric vehicles is range anxiety, so with the launch of the TomTom EV Service, we’re taking driver peace of mind to the next level, and encouraging sustainable mobility," said Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, TomTom Automotive.

The TomTom EV service will initially launch in Europe, with a geo-expansion planned to North America early next year. After this expansion, TomTom’s EV Service will list 35,000+ charging stations with real-time availability information, globally.

This announcement demonstrates the relevance of the TomTom’s Connected Services, as well as the ability of TomTom to support its Automotive, Government & Enterprise customers globally with high-quality maps and relevant services.

SOURCE: TomTom Automotive