Vibrant Cities Lab: A Free Resource for Urban Foresters

Community and government leaders might already know that trees can help clean water and air, address climate change, improve public health and safety, promote energy conservation, and even improve student performance.

That said, there might still be clients, elected officials or citizens who are not aware of these benefits, and need to understand that we design with trees not only for aesthetic reasons.

The Vibrant Cities Lab offers easy access to the best available science about the impact of trees and green space on economic development, public health, transportation, equity or water quality – 11 impact areas overall. Each impact area offers curated research, case studies, policies and plans from around the country.

Vibrant Cities Lab also offers a step-by-step guide and assessment tool to help communities make sustainable urban trees a reality. This tool is designed to help foresters and other municipal staff expand awareness of the benefits of urban trees and implement best practices for growing a city's urban canopy rooted in science and proven in communities across the country.

Vibrant Cities Lab is a free web resource supported by the Urban and Community Forestry arm of the US Forest Service. It’s designed to help the public learn more about how trees and green space make for healthier communities – exactly the kind of places where people want to live, work, learn and play.