Facedrive Launches Toronto’s New Eco-Clean Ride-Sharing Platform

TORONTO -- Facedrive recently launched Canada’s first environmentally-conscious ridesharing platform in Toronto. Facedrive’s official introduction grants drivers a higher percentage of trip rates, and riders, an alternative way to commute, prioritizes safety and offsets carbon emissions through joint green initiatives with Toronto Trees and Parks Organization. Facedrive calculates CO2 emissions on each ride and allocates equivalent monetary value towards planting trees.

"Our goal is to provide unique experiences that drive an emotional connection between passengers, drivers, and the environment," said Imran Khan, Founder of Facedrive. "We have the power to impact our communities and our planet positively. We will celebrate our commitment by bringing together those at the frontline of our brand to activate the future of ridesharing."

Ridesharing has become a standard way of transportation. The increase in sharing rides has a direct impact on the environment, and Facedrive is excited to go one step further to promote a business that attracts drivers by giving them up to 90 percent of the fare depending on vehicle type, compared to 70-75 percent paid by other platforms. Drivers can also qualify to participate in all revenue through a profit sharing program.

SOURCE: Facedrive Inc.